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ACH and Check Draft Solutions

Check Drafts

Check Drafting is an electronic system that allows a business to accept check payments from their customers quickly, securely, and at a cost that is below any other method. The check drafting system is not the same as the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system, and is superior in many ways. Electronic check drafting is done online through a secure website, or can be integrated into an existing website using an API (Application Program Interface).

Depending on the service, an electronic check service can verify that the check writer does not have a history of writing bad check, or you can opt for a full electronic conversion program, where your checks are converted into an electronic transaction like a credit card. We also have a check drafting service that can be integrated with a website allowing you to accept checks from your customers over the internet.


• Checks are automatically deposited into a business's bank account.
• A business never has to see, touch, or deposit a single check.
• Checks are processed instantly in real-time.
• A Full featured, secure virtual terminal is included for manually processing checks.
• Advanced API integration is available for websites


With ACH Solutions you’ll be able to process and deliver ACH transactions through your choice of deployment models, cost-effectively, no matter the size of your institution or ACH transaction volume. You will also:

• Eliminate costly manual processes
• Maximize efficiencies and productivity
• Enhance customer servicing and satisfaction
• Expand business services and offerings
• Enjoy 24/7 support from industry experts
• Improve regulatory compliance and mitigate risk across your automated clearing house payment processing system
• Online access
• Automated settlement
• Multi-institutional processing
• Robust risk mitigation tools
• Debit authorization/protection
• Comprehensive return item processing
• Extensive reporting

Accept checks without the worry. Our check services partners provide cost-effective protections from bad or fraudulent checks and faster access to funds.

Both ACH and Checkdraft solutions are available at MIDsource.

Revenue Advance

A Revenue Advance program delivers flexible funding to any business with cash-flow! A merchant sells a small, set portion of future sales for cash today and that immediate capital infusion can be used to grow your business! There is no accruing interest, no minimum payments, and no collateral requirements.

If you’ve ever tried getting a Small Business Loan from your bank, you know it can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming process. Banks require you to pledge assets as collateral, provide mountains of paperwork and the whole process can take up to six months.

At MIDsource, we work with savvy business owners who know how to leverage third party capital to grow their business.

• 24-Hour Approval
• Revenue advances up to $1,000,000
• No Tax Returns or Business Plans
• Get Funded Within 7 Days
• Completely unsecured!

Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a business loan alternative that is actually a sale. Merchants sell their future credit card sales at a discount in order to receive cash today. A small percentage of future credit card sales is rendered as payment until the balance is paid back.

• 24-Hour Approval
• We advance up to $500,000
• No Tax Returns or Business Plans
• Funding in as little as 3 Days
• Over 90% Approval Rate!

Minimum Qualifications:

• $5,000 in Visa & Mastercard Sales Monthly
• Operating business more than 2 months
• No open bankruptcies

Bad credit is OK