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High Risk Merchant

A high risk merchant is simply a company that has been deemed in the high risk space sometimes due to the type of industry, numerous chargebacks, high credit rate, large amount of transactions or the business is susceptible to fraud. High risk merchant accounts slowly release funds over a set period of time while keeping some in reserve to cover any fraudulent transactions that may occur. If you are considered a high risk merchant, many business owners think it will be a challenge to process credit card transactions. Fortunately, that is not the case.

MIDsource caters to high risk merchants no matter what industry they reside in. We specialize in high risk merchant account solutions, maximizing sales, reducing chargebacks, and protecting business operations. If a domestic bank doesn’t want to accept a high risk merchant, MIDsource has the ability to set up an offshore merchant account with the many deep banking relationships that we have developed. MIDsource is a leader in providing the best high risk merchant account solutions, with payment processing for both card-present and card-not-present businesses.

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Our products and services include:

• Direct International accounts
• High Volume / High Ticket Merchants
• Aggregate accounts
• Wallets
• Placement for a wide-range of business types
• Fast merchant account approvals
• Frequent payout schedule
• Multi-currency processing and settlements
• Placement for international businesses
• Customer Support Services
• Easy to use online reporting
• Quick and Simple migration
• Foreign entity creation
High Risk Merchant |

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