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Merchant Account High Risk

While an ordinary merchant account is available to any merchant wanting to process credit card transactions, a high risk merchant account is mainly reserved for a business type associated with high risks, the likes of fraud and hurdles in transactions. Merchant accounts are imperative for any business that desire to process payments via debit or credit card, but some will require the special use of a high risk merchant account. High risk merchant accounts may sound like a mouthful, but try not to be too intimidated by what is actually a very simple and easy process.

MIDsource, an industry leader in payment solution providers, offers high risk processing options for a wide range of industries. Acquiring a high risk merchant account, payment gateway, or virtual merchant account starts with a credit card processing agreement. High risk merchant accounts are the perfect solution for merchants that are considered “high risk” and want to accept payment from their website through a secure, real-time environment. Let MIDsource help grow your business today!

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Our products and services include:

• Direct International accounts
• High Volume / High Ticket Merchants
• Aggregate accounts
• Wallets
• Placement for a wide-range of business types
• Fast merchant account approvals
• Frequent payout schedule
• Multi-currency processing and settlements
• Placement for international businesses
• Customer Support Services
• Easy to use online reporting
• Quick and Simple migration
• Foreign entity creation
Merchant Account High Risk |

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